If you're reading this you are probably related to one of us (Hi, Mom!)

But let's go ahead with the introductions anyway.​

I'm Whitney, among other things. 

I'm the author of this blog. Lover of getting away & seeing new (or old) places. Cheeseburger enthusiast. Fan of the shit-show that is motherhood and family life. Admirer of people with ambition - I only have it for a combined total of 14 days a year. Writing and design are my creative jam, I don't give enough devotion to either.

I work as a part-time research assistant for an amazing work family/background screening company.

I am also wife to my hottie husband, Ian [I like him a lot] and a mother to two adorable little girls, Elize (Ellie) Marie and Layla Shay [they're okay]. We live in the suburbs of Salt Lake City.

I like talking about the hard stuff. Not because I'm deep, but because it's better material for a good laugh and because sometimes life is a hot mess.

Don't let me fool you. I love it. Marriage, motherhood. All of it. I complain a lot, I'm perpetually tired, I always look a mess, and I cry on a regular basis, but I wouldn't change a thing.

I started this blog because I needed a platform for the thoughts that find their way into my head. I don't take credit for all of those thoughts because occasionally there a few that feel worthy of sharing.


I hope the things I share through this blog find someone that can relate. I hope they make someone, somewhere laugh because they've been there too. I hope it fulfills the creative needs in myself and sparks inspiration in another. 

Feel free to stick around and see where this thing goes.

***SPOILER ALERT: It's probably gonna get weird.


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